Welcome to the Movember Rated Barber learning hub where once completed, you will officially join our global network of Movember Rated Barbers.

To become a Movember Rated Barber, there are 4 learning modules to complete – you can access at any time and in your own time.


Understanding Men

This module will give you all you need to know about the situation with men’s health and why men are dying young.

Your Role

This module will outline your role as a Movember Rated Barber, what is expected and why barbers can change the face of men’s health.

Conversations That Make A Difference

You will already be having great conversations with your customers and in this module we offer you the opportunity to enhance these conversations so they create impact.

Building Emotional Strength

Conversations about health can create resistance in men and this module equips you with the skills to build the emotional strength that men need to take action on their health.

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You are in! Let’s look at how to create a conversation that makes a difference.